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talk is is expensive. enjoy these clips of me, talking.

Dustin Heveron Reel

A small sampling of Dustin's works, from indie films to hosting to commercials and more.


Indie short film made for 48 Hour Film Festival, an adventure serial

AAA TV Ad 2 — Zak Kringle

More true stories from Zak Kringle of the North Pole.

Dustin Audition Parody

A lighthearted guide through what NOT to do at your next audition.

Clairol Root Touch-Up Commercial

Dustin is the to save the day...but does it need saving? (He also does the voiceover)

AAA TV Ad — Zak Kringle

Son of Kris Kringle, Zak, describes how AAA is essential to their work.

Bacardi Mobile Ad Campaign

A web campaign showcasing how it's more than clothes that make the 21-century man.

Penelope's Quest Excerpt

A sample of the radio serial throwback, Penelope's Quest. Dustin voices Arthur the troll.

Safe Auto TV Ad — Exposed

Another of Dustin's famous reactions as he sees more than he expects of uninsured drivers.

Kroger Grocery Commercial

A brief appearance by Dustin's trademark expressive face, a scene-stealer.

AAA Outtakes

Some of the material from the AAA shoot that didn't make the final cut.

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